You are killing Me!

My Dearest Child,

I AM wants to talk to you about abortion. I want you to know the reality of this sin. It is evil in My sight. It is the work of Satan. It is his way of fighting against God. He wants to destroy the life of My children of love through this abomination. He wants to steal, kill and destroy My innocent children in the wombs of their mothers. He is like a roaring lion wanting to devour My little lambs. He is a murderer since the beginning of time. He wants to kill My little babies in their mother’s womb in any way possible. He wants to steal the soul of the mothers who go into abortion. He wants to destroy My creation. He wants to destroy My children that is created in My image of love. He will do all that he can to destroy My children of love and My entire creation. He is planning many things to accomplish his evil desires. He is using the people of the world to do his bidding. He pollutes the minds of the youth through internet and television. He uses the things of this world to accomplish his evil purposes. He is fooling the people of the world through his lies and deceit. He is blinding the minds of the people and he is filling them with darkness. I want you to fight this abomination at all cost. I want you to fight this evil with all of your being. I will use you to stop this wickedness. I will destroy this work of the devil. I will put Satan to shame. I will use My children of love to destroy the works of My enemy. The same children whom he wants to destroy will destroy him and his followers. I have given you the authority to fight against Satan and his followers. I will destroy his works through My children of light. I will fight this battle with you. I will be in the forefront of the battle. I AM is the Captain of the Host. The battle against abortion is Mine for I AM the Lord of lords. I AM is the King of all life. I AM is Life! Follow in My footsteps. Follow the command of your Master. We will fight this evil together. We will win the war against abortion. We will put a stop to this wicked deed. I will empower you to fight against the evil of abortion. I will strengthen you with the power of the Spirit of life. We will overcome death through life. I AM is Life! We will save My little lambs. I AM is the Good Shepherd! We will save the unborn in the womb of their mothers who are planning to murder them. Abortion is against My Commandments of Love. It is against Me. I AM is Love! Thou shall not kill! Abortion is murder. It is murdering the innocent. I AM is the Innocent One who laid down His life to save you. These children are just like Me. They are the martyrs of your generation. They are the holy innocents. They offer themselves as a holocaust for the purification of this world. They are Mine and no one has the right take their life. No one has the right to take what I have given. I gave them to their mothers to take care of them so that they will be My children of love who will serve Me in the future. You are destroying the future of My children. They are your future! You are killing them out of your selfishness. You are killing them out of your greed. You are killing them out of hate. You are murderers! I will punish you in hell for killing My babies. I will pour out My wrath upon you. I will destroy your soul in hell. I will destroy you and your father the devil. You are listening to the father of lies. You believe in his deceptions. You are choosing his ways and not mine. You are choosing death over life. I will make you accountable for this. Your soul will rot in hell because of this wickedness that you did. Repent before it’s too late for you. I will forgive you of this sin if you will come to Me. Humble yourself before God and ask for His forgiveness. Repent with a contrite heart. Repent and you will be saved. I will pardon you of this sin. I will forgive you and cleanse you with My own blood. You will be saved from eternal punishment. Come to Me and confess this evil of yours. Come and I will cleanse you from this wickedness. Come and I will set you free from the bondage of Satan. Come and be saved!

your God of Love,

Father, Son and Spirit of Love