I AM is LOVE: Letters of Love for the End-times

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 These messages of love from the Father of Love are given to His Child of Love in a series of letters through the still small voice of the Spirit of Love. It contains the words of love from the Heart of the God of Love for all His beloved children living in the end-times. These letters of love are given to prepare God’s children for the coming tribulations in the days ahead before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. The messages will reveal the love of God for all His children and His will for them to be saved. God will show His love to His children through all the things that He will do for the good of His people and for the salvation of all His children especially in these end-times.

 “To Him who sits on the throne and unto the Lamb, be blessing and honor and glory and dominion forever and ever”.

To All My Children of Love

 I have dictated these messages of love to My child of love for your benefit. I want you all to read My messages of love for you to know My love for each and everyone of you. I want you all to known the depth of My love for all My children of love. I want you all to be prepared for My Second Coming and I want you to know that your Father is all Love. I Am is Love! I want you to know Me as a Father of Love and Mercy. I want you to have a true knowledge of your God. I want you to also know that I will do all things in My power to save all of My children in the terrible days coming to this world of yours. I will be known by My children and by the whole world. I will fill this world with My glory through My children of love. I will prepare My children in these end-times to be My channels of love to all the people of the world. I want you to cherish these words of love into your heart and I want you to share these messages of love to all your loved ones and to your brothers and sisters in the whole world. I want you all to know Me and to know of My great love for you and for all My children of love in the whole world. I AM loves all of His children with an everlasting love. I love you all My children of love. I AM is Love!