Eighteenth Letter


My Children of Love,

I AM wants to speak with you again. I AM wants to talk to you about the end days. I want you to know what will happen in the future concerning the coming of the Anti-Christ. I will reveal to you many mysteries in the scriptures concerning the end days. Many do not know that the coming of the Anti-Christ is very near. He is on the waiting. All of his minions are preparing his way to enter the scene. He is on the lookout. He knows that his time is approaching very fast. He also knows that his time will be short. He wants to destroy the people of the world. He is possessed by the evil one. He is very evil. He wants to destroy My children of love. He wants to ruin the souls of My children. He wants to control the world. He is guided by Lucifer himself. He is guided by his father the devil. He is followed by the powerful of today. Many are already worshipping him in their secret societies. Many are already doing his biddings. Many want to make him the leader of this world. Many are already following his commands. He knows that he will soon emerge as a peace-maker. He will deceive the world. He will deceive the peoples of the world. He will deceive those who are not living in My Commandments of Love. He will deceive those who are living for the pleasures of this world. He will deceive those who are not following My Will. He will be their leader. They will worship him as their god. He will rule them with total control. He will try to take control of the mind of the people through his mark. He will control the governments of the world. He will control the religions of the world. He will control the armies of the world. He will rule the world and control the peoples mind through the mark of the beast. He will use his mark to control peoples mind and actions. He will try to take also their free will but this I will not allow. I will not allow the evil one to take the gift of free will. I will not allow this to happen. This is the time when I will intervene and destroy the devil and the Anti-Christ. I will destroy My enemies through the Fire of the Holy Spirit. I will annihilate them all. I will throw them to hell. I will throw them to the lake of fire and brimstone after the Final Judgement. I will punish them for the rest of eternity. This is what will happen in the coming end times. You are already in these times. You are already experiencing the start of the birth pangs. It will intensify in the coming days. You will experience much calamities and man-made disasters in the future but this is just the start of the tribulation period. The great tribulation will come when the Anti-Christ comes into power. He will be helped by the false prophet mentioned in the Book of Revelation. This false religious leader will help to put him into power. This false prophet will deceive the world with false miracles to make them worship the beast. He will deceive the world through lying signs and wonders. He will deceive many to follow a one world religion headed by the Anti-Christ as their god. This is the great apostasy that is already starting to enter My churches in the world. This is the new age religion that many are trying to adapt and practice in their everyday lives. It is like the pagan worship of the old times. They will try to remove Me from My churches. They are now doing this in many places. They will change the way you worship Me.  They already change it in many of My churches in the world. They will remove My Presence in My churches so that other faiths can join your worship of Me in the name of unity. This is not My Church but their church. I AM not in these worship services. I AM not in these places. I will be with My Remnant Church. I will be with My elect. I will allow these things to happen for a time so that all will know who My true followers are. I will separate the wheat from the tares. I already know My true followers because they are My elect. I will purify My church through much suffering from the persecutions that will come in the near future. My Remnant Church will be persecuted by the false church. They will be thrown out of the churches for their stand for My truth. They will be thrown out by those who are not My true followers. My Remnant Church will go into hiding. I have already prepared a place for them in My heart. My elect will worship Me in secret. They will suffer much in the hands of those who are against Me and My truth. I will protect My remnant from the hands of the evil ones. I will protect them through My angels. I will guide them by My Spirit of Light. I will shelter them in My wings of love. My remnant will flourish in these end times. My glory will be seen on them. My bride will be made ready for the wedding supper of the Lamb. I will take My bride when the right time comes. I will take My bride with Me. I will save her from the hands of My enemies. I will then send My wrath upon the world. I will then cleanse this world from all filth and evil. I will pour out My wrath upon the enemies of My church. My church that Satan and the gates of hell can never destroy. This is My true church. The church of Jesus Christ! This is what will happen in the near future. This is what will happen in the world. Repent! For the Kingdom of God is at hand! Repent and be saved.

your God of Love,

Father, Son and Spirit of Love