Eleventh Letter


My Children of Love,

I want to speak to you again about the coming end of days. I will come with the sound of the trumpet. I will come with My saints and angels. I will come with power and glory. I will come to save My people. I will come to cleanse the earth. I will come to renew this world. I AM will come now! I AM will be seen in the clouds of glory. I will establish now My Kingdom of Love upon this earth. I will make you perfect in My Love. I have planned for these from eternity past. I will now fulfill My plans. I will now come to redeem My people. I will now save My children from the hands of Satan. I will now come to destroy My enemies. Repent! For the Kingdom of God is at hand. Repent! I will now come to destroy My enemies. Repent! I will now pour out My Justice upon this earth. Repent! I will now pour out My wrath upon the enemies of My true church. I will now destroy the evil one. Come to My heart now and be saved. Come to My arms and be saved. Come to My Love and be saved. I want to save all of you. I do not want you to perish. I laid down My life for all of you. I have given My blood for you to be saved. Come to your Savior! Come to Me… I AM Jesus Christ! I AM the One who died for you. I AM the One who redeemed you. I AM the One who loves you the most. I AM is Love! Now is your chance to be saved. Now is your chance to be redeemed. Now is the day for you to be saved. Today is the day of your salvation. Come now to Me. Come and be saved! I want you all to be with Me in heaven. I do not want to lose any of you to hell. I do not want to punish you for your sins. You are calling My Justice to be poured out upon you by your sins and iniquities. You are destroying your own soul by following Satan. You are destroying the souls of others by doing the devils work. Change your mind and your heart before it’s too late. Do not call upon My wrath to fall on you. Do not call upon the wrath of your God! I AM the God of Justice. I will not allow you to continue killing My children in their mother’s wombs. I will not allow you to continue corrupting My children through music and television. I will not tolerate all of your evil deeds. You are destroying this earth by your greed and selfishness. You do not help your less fortunate brothers. You are very selfish! I will put a stop on all these things. I will battle against this wickedness. I will destroy the works of My enemies through My elect. Let the battle begin! I AM now sending My heavenly host to come against the principalities of darkness. I AM is the Captain of the Host. I AM is Jesus of Nazareth! The battle is Mine for I AM the Lord. I AM the King of this earth. I AM which was, which is and which is to come. Let the King of Glory enter in. I AM is the King of Glory! I AM King of kings and Lord of lords. I AM is the Great God Jehovah… mighty in battle. I AM the Lord God Sabaoth. I AM the God of war. I will destroy you Satan. I will destroy your evil deeds. I will put you to hell forever! Rejoice My children of love. Rejoice. For the Kingdom of your Father God is at hand. Your redemption is near. Come and be saved. Come and you will be safe from the wrath of the Lamb of God. Come to My arms now and be sheltered in My wings. Come to your Father who loves you. Come into My heart. I AM waiting for you all. I AM waiting for your love. I want you to love Me too. I want you to love your Father. Love Me and you will be safe from harm. Love Me and you will be Mine forever. Come into the fold of the Shepherd of your soul. I AM the Good Shepherd. I AM Jesus Christ your Lord! Listen to My calls of love. Listen to My pleadings. Listen to My messages of love. Listen before it’s too late. I will wait for you until the last second. I will wait for you My children to be in the safety of My fold. I will not hesitate to save you if you will come to Me in humility. Repent of your sins with a contrite heart. Repent with humility in your heart. Do not be proud like Satan. Do not be foolish like the people of the world. Come and be saved! Come to Me all of you who are weary and I will give you the rest that you are looking for. I will refresh your mind and your spirit. I will give you freely the Living Waters flowing from the throne of God. I will refresh you. Come and you will taste the fruit of the Tree of Life. Come and eat with Me. Come and have fellowship with Me. Come and we will sup together. Come for I have prepared a table for you. I will fill your cup to overflow. I will anoint your head with My oil of gladness. I will bring you to My house to dwell with Me. I will be your dwelling place. You will feel My goodness and mercy all the days of your life. You will be in My Paradise of Love. You will dwell in heaven with your brothers and sisters in the family of God. Come and take My hand. Come and take My heart. Come and be with Me for the rest of eternity! Time is running out. Time is not on your side anymore. Darkness is fast approaching. Come into My Light. I AM is the Light of the world. Live like children of the light. Live in the light. I AM in the light. I AM is Light! Come before the darkness takes over you. Come before you are consumed by this darkness of evil. The evil one prowls like a lion to devour the souls of My children. The devil wants to destroy you completely. The devil wants to steal, kill and destroy all of My children and My entire creation. I will not allow this to happen. I will never ever allow these things to happen. I will stop this madness. I will stop this evil that the devil is planning to accomplish. Now is the time to end all these wickedness. Now is My time to finish what I have started. It is now My time. My day… the terrible Day of the Lord! I will now come to save you My children. I will now come to show you My greatness. You will now see Me as I AM. You will see your God face to face. You will see who I AM and who you truly are. You will see Me in My perfection. You will see Perfection itself. You will see Love! I AM is love and I will make you in My image again. An image of love! I will perfect your love. I will perfect your love for Me and for your brethren. You will love perfectly! Love is all that matters. Love is all that you need. Love is Me!


your God of Love,


Father, Son and Spirit of Love